To never forget

Never forget a friend who cared for you.

Never forget a friend who joked about your flaws but at the same time about his own as well.

Never forget a friend who would always ask if something’s wrong when you’re sad.

Never forget a friend whom you could always confide in.

Never forget a friend who would share everything with you.

If only I had one too.


Emotion is the bane of my life.

Though maybe a lot of people may seem incredibly happy, there’s always the saying of ‘The happiest people you see have experienced the most amount of pain in their lives’. I can definitely say that to some people, with knowledge that they actually seemed very happy and lively at first before I got to know them personally and find out that they actually have a very deep and dark background story behind them.

Having experienced so many happy things and so many things in my life I don’t really know how to express myself anymore. Going through the same unforgiving cycle of experiencing emotional and heartbreaking pain, for some reason, is something that Life loves to throw at me. I’m not sure either if its an advantage or disadvantage that I became numb because of this. I couldn’t feel anything, however I really appreciate the people that stood by me for all of those times that I have been crying, sad or hurt by something.

I hate emotions, I hate them for being there, for making me feel them that I would be ‘forced’ to cry if I see something sad or feel emotional pain. How I wish I could get rid of them.

Weekly Life of a Food Loving Otaku <3

Week 3 is going to be tough for me, even though there are two days that we don’t have to go to school. There are a tons of assignments due on Wednesday and there would definitely be more to be given out. I really hope I can pull through the toughest day which is Wednesday.

Well this week I’ll be talking about food from Japan. Japan is very famous for their foods such as ramen, sushi, udon and sashimi. These foods originate from Japan and are the very reason the food market of Japan thrives so much to become a so-called tourist attraction by itself. Many foreigners come to Japan to enjoy the savoury foods and follow the traditions of Japanese people, for example drinking a whole bottle of sake before eating their sushi to enhance their taste buds.

There are also many roaming food carts whereby people sell ramen or other foods so that it would be convenient for everyone else. In Hokkaido, they sell mainly sweets and chocolates which are handmade and very delicious. Hokkaido and Shibuya 101 are definitely some places you would want to visit if you want to fill your tastebuds with some of the riches tastes in the world.

Intense music ?!

This is my first post excluding the intro where I’m going start to talk about different genres and how I feel they are right now in this world, or at least Singapore!

This week’s genre is on Electronic Dance Music which to me is a mix of Techno, House and Dubstep altogether with either a very fast-paced or slow-paced rhythm. This genre in my opinion is actually the strongest kind of music where you would just feel like getting up and dancing to the beat ! The temptation of the beats, the bass and the ‘drops’ are just so mesmerizing that you would just want to stand up and start rocking your body!

This genre of music usually lasts longer than normal songs by a minute or so, and can even have remixes of a load of songs that could go up to 2 hours. Many people also tend to stereotype this genre to only be listened by most audiophiles but I honestly believe it’s really for anyone and I would still consider it under music created by a fellow musician and it would really mean a lot for every single person among the global audience to listen to it or buy the album. I honestly hope for my friends to listen to more of this music, or at least I want to share it with them because music is definitely something for everyone to enjoy.

Erwin’s baby ? Or not.

“We cannot keep the baby Andrea!” bellows Erwin as he storms out of the room in a fit of rage. Andrea breaks out into cold sweat, trying to think of any possible solution out of this mess. Erwin knows that the baby does not belong to him, and was pacing outside of the room, unsure of what to do. Andrea walks out of the room and tries to comfort him with her words, she knows that Erwin is devastated over this and wants to work something out with him. “We can still share this baby together!”, exclaims Andrea. Erwin, still trying to absorb everything that has happened so far, walks towards the window, and stares outside. Andrea massages his shoulders, keeping silent, unsure of what to say to him. Erwin that takes Andrea’s hands off him, turning to her and looking at her in the eye. “I’m sorry.” Erwin jumps out of the window, leaving Andrea broken on the floor, crying her heart out. 

Why Erwin why.


– “It’s vexing like a pure-hearted devotion consisting of 4 letters.

The second week of school is almost over. School so far has been great and not that tiring as of yet, but I am pretty sure as the weeks pass the classes we would get more and more homework and projects to do. Nonetheless, the homework is something that I actually like to do so it does not really feel like homework but something for me to improve and work on so that I would get better in these various skills.

Well my first post is going to be about music ? I really love anything about music as a whole, whether it is incorporated with dance or anything else, music is absolutely necessary and beautiful. Many people tend to shift themselves towards a certain genre or language and thus stereotype others who listen to that music, for a example someone who may like English music may tend to put off someone who likes Korean music, saying things like ” Why do you listen to that weird music ? ”

It’s good that nowadays that doesn’t really happen as everyone has that whole ” Everyone is entitled to their own preference and others should not judge them for it ” mindset which is a good thing but it still happens generally across the world and especially on social media sites like YouTube or Facebook. I hope as time passes this kind of stereotyping subsides and everyone would actually listen to every genre and language of music.

My dream is to actually spread the love for different kinds of music everywhere, be it Classical, Jazz, Metal, Korean Pop, Japanese Pop, Anisong or Country to everyone and let them at least have a taste of what that kind of music it actually is. It mind not be to their favour or liking but it would leave an impression on them of different varieties of music which is a step from their own little music world. Thus I joined as a voluntary instructor for SotA where help one of my ex-instructors in the Music and Voice faculty to help them learn more about what Music really is ( freedom of expression ). I mainly help in the side of Strings and Sight Reading since I play the violin a lot ( ABRSM Grade 9 ) because I really like to see more people taking an interest in music in general and let them develop that interest from there. Music is life. -insert happyface and heart emoji here-